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Awakening the Chaos
"It's all... a dream..."
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29th-Sep-2011 08:38 pm - 39th Wheel of Fate [Action]
[Those passing through the plaza today might find themselves noticing something rather... odd placed near the fountain.

Apparently, someone - presumably the Malnosso - has decided to place a treasure chest next to the fountain. And not just any: this particular treasure chest seems to be large enough that it could hold quite the large amount of treasure. In fact, it's big enough that it wouldn't be hard for an adult to hide in there.

Those who decide to investigate the chest might notice something a little peculiar about it, however. Not only does it seem to lack a lock, but if one listens closely while near it, they might just be able to pick up the faint sound of breathing coming from inside the chest, as if whatever were in there is, in fact, alive... and likely asleep, judging from how slow the breathing is.

Maybe someone should investigate? Of course, whatever or whoever is within the chest could be dangerous, so perhaps it'd be best to tread with caution if one decides to check just what is contained in it.]

[ooc: Nu herself is not currently affected by the event, but since treasure does tend to appear in some tales, feel free to play around with that, if you'd like!]
11th-Aug-2011 02:10 pm - 38th Wheel of Fate [Voice/Action]
✵of the misery inside
tl;dr introspectiveCollapse )

Filtered to Tsubaki//100% UnhackableCollapse )

[Later, when all of that's sorted out,
ν-13 can be found in the village for a while - clad in her normal attire and carrying a black sling bag with her, she'll slowly make her way over to the grocery- and item shop by way of hovering, where she'll pick up a few things. Nothing too noteworthy; merely a small supply of food intended to last for a decent amount of time spent traveling, and a simple, small tent in case the weather worsens at some point during her search.

When that's done with, she'll head off toward the northern edge of the village, intending to head for the mountains as the first stop of her search.

...This is going to take a while.

Feel free to encounter the Murakumo at any point, be it while she's still in the village or while on her way to the mountains. Just please make sure to note the location in your tag!]
30th-Jun-2011 10:27 pm - 37th Wheel of Fate [Action]
✵the intolerability
[Today is a fairly busy day for the thirteenth Murakumo.

It's been more than a week since her own run-in with Kusanagi - enough time that she's almost completely recovered, thanks to someone's healing leaving her with only the blood loss and one minor complication to deal with. Most of that time, she'd spent resting or trying to occupy herself with other matters to keep herself from focusing too much on certain facts: reading the journals, drawing, tending to the pets... nothing really out of the ordinary, in other words.

Today, from early in the morning until the afternoon, the girl can be found in the battle dome, clad in her usual combat armor. This time, she's not here as a visitor of the clinic, as she had been when another person had (unbeknownst to her) brought her there after her fight the other week, but simply as a combatant who wishes to make use of the facilities. And so she claims one of the chambers for her own use.

...Should anyone choose to spectate, they might notice that she doesn't seem to be here to battle a specific kind of enemy: each time she enters the chamber, she chooses a different foe. Wildlife from various worlds, monsters, soldiers... there's really no clear pattern to her choices, as if she were simply picking things at random. Two choices do stand out, however, the first being a set of Third Party elites, and the other being a green-haired man clad in black that may look familiar to some. Against the latter in particular, she seems much more focused, much more ruthless - whereas for everything else ν-13 seems content to deal with them simply by volleying blades at them, or by slashing or kicking at them, she seems to be making a genuine effort to take this one out in a somewhat... flashier way. Huh.

When all of that's done with, the girl will leave again (now once again wearing her normal attire), heading for the village's library, stopping by to pick up a stack of... well, books. Not novels this time, however; she has something else in mind right now, and for that there's something she needs to read up on. Exactly what the books are about is hard to tell while she's carrying them, as a result of her arms obscuring both the sides of them as well as the cover, but... perhaps she'd be willing to tell what they are about, were one to ask. Or perhaps not. With someone like her, it's difficult to tell.

Regardless, feel free to run into her at any point - thanks to all that wandering around she's doing, it's possible to spot her hovering around almost anywhere within the village today.]
22nd-May-2011 06:59 pm - 36th Wheel of Fate [Action]
✵deep down in a sea of nothingness
[It's been a while since ν-13 returned from her mallynapping. Beyond interacting with a few people and briefly attending Luka's concert, she hasn't done all that much since - or rather, she hasn't done much that would affect most people

That's about to change today. Why? Because there's something that's been bothering her ever since that experiment, and it's about time that she finally got around to dealing with this particular matter.

For that reason, around 9am in the morning, she'll be heading for community building 7, specifically floor 4, room 18 - Ragna's (and Noel's) room. ...Or rather, his old room, unbeknownst to her.

Needless to say, when she finds herself greeted by a more or less empty apartment, her expression goes completely dead.

...he didn't return home, did he? She couldn't care less about the hindrance, but Ragna... he's still here, right? He has to be. Has to be. There's still very faint traces of seithr from the Azure Grimoire, unlike when he really had returned to their world temporarily after that earthquake, and she heard him over the journals briefly just the other day, so it's likely that he hasn't left, but rather he simply isn't in this apartment.

But... if that's the case, then why isn't he here?

...It doesn't matter. Not now, at least. For now, it's better if she simply focuses on finding him - that's much, much more important to her right now.

Which is why, after a few moments of staring blankly at the apartment, she proceeds to storm out of the building and commence what can only be described as a rather thorough search of the entire outdoor area of the village. This is how she'll be passing the rest of the day: searching the entire freaking village until she manages to find Ragna somehow. It doesn't matter how long locating him takes her - until she does, she won't be heading back to her own apartment, no matter what may happen.

Feel free to approach the silver-haired Murakumo at any point, although if it's during her search, a little caution might not be ill-advised. She seems a bit more... anxious than usual, for some reason.]
✵the facade it casts
Action + horribly tl;dr introspectiveCollapse )

[Eventually, once evening draws near - and after she's had an opportunity to rest properly and calm down a little - she'll open her journal to write a few filtered messages. Her filters are noticeably weaker than they would normally be, however; she really can't seem to focus on making them as secure as she normally would at the moment. Not just that, but her writing is much shakier than usual as well. But she's trying, at the very least.]

Filtered to Litchi Faye-Ling and Yellow 13 // 43% unhackableCollapse )

Filtered to her "family" from the AU event, excluding Noel and Link // 55% unhackableCollapse )

[Make of that what you will, you all. She just... can't figure out how to put this into words, so hopefully this will get the point across. ...It probably won't, but it's worth a shot, isn't it?]
14th-Feb-2011 05:14 pm - 34th Wheel of Fate [Accidental Voice]
✵if I make another move...
[The feed starts off rather... abrupt, as if the journal started recording on its own. Water can be heard flowing in the background, but most of that is drowned out by a deadpan, mechanical-sounding female voice.]

mencing system check...

[She falls silent for about a minute, but eventually, she speaks up again.]

System check results... Internal regulatory systems within normal parameters. Damage report... minimal damage. Memory bank... 99.53 % accessible.

[Wait... shouldn't that be 100%? There shouldn't be a portion of her memory that she can't access...]

Searching for cause of inaccessibility... Searching... Searching... Searching... [And with that, she falls silent, as if contemplating what's causing this issue.

...If the fact that the feed is still going after several minutes without her speaking up again is any indication, she's having a little bit of trouble finding the cause.]

[ooc: ν-13's taken, so please wait before commenting. Thank you! Feel free to tag now!
4th-Feb-2011 01:17 pm - 33rd Wheel of Fate [Action]
✷remembering and treasuring that time
[Should anyone happen to stop by at the battle dome later today, they might just catch a certain silver-haired girl in the lobby, tinkering around with the console. Upon closer inspection, ν-13 seems to be... scanning through the list of possible scenarios. It looks like she's having a difficult time picking something specific. Eventually, however, she'll finally settle on something, and after entering the appropriate settings, the girl heads off into one of the chambers.

Anyone currently in the viewing area will be treated to an interesting sight: the scenario in question appears to take place in a forest, albeit one with an odd black fog fog spreading through it. The enemies the Murakumo seems to have chosen as her opponents? They seem to be wolf-like creatures roaming in the fog-covered part of the forest. Though they're quick to try and bite, she seems to be dealing well with them.

...Actually, well may be an understatement here. If anything, she seems to be using them for nothing more than a little target practice. Not that she's limiting herself to that first combo, of course.

Feel free to take note of the mechanical girl going up against the creatures in one of the chambers, or to run into her in the lobby after the dome boots her out. Who knows, maybe she'd be willing to try a simulation together with someone! Only one way to find out, right?]
5th-Jan-2011 12:16 am - 32nd Wheel of Fate [Voice]
✵in the deepest shelter of her mind
[With the start of a new year - not to mention New Year's Eve passing again - and the cold weather, someone's been going a little stir-crazy lately. ...Mostly that middle statement, though. That's the second time that New Year's Eve has occurred since her awakening, and yet again what was supposed to happen didn't transpire.

It's starting to make her feel a little anxious, frankly.

...It does bring something to mind, however. And so, she'll do something she hasn't done in months - make a simple, unfiltered voice post. Might as well get this done before the flood of New Feathers commences once again, right?]

...An inquiry.

How... many people have a goal in their world that... they cannot accomplish here?

[Short and simple. She's honestly just curious - after all, this is something that's been on her mind for a while now.]
27th-Dec-2010 12:48 am - 31st Wheel of Fate [Action]
✵is a nostalgic melody
[It's the night of Christmas Eve. What's a Murakumo to do at a time like this?

Why, sneak out of the apartment to deliver presents, of course! Because unlike last year, she'd rather prefer to handle this herself, especially since it's not on such a short notice this time around.

Any who happen to be out at such an ungodly hour might spot a silver-haired, eyepatch-wearing girl clad in a rather fancy-looking outfit cautiously wandering through the town, carrying a rather large black bag with her. She'll be just about everywhere at some point, seemingly trying to figure out where certain people live. Occasionally, one may even catch her leaving gift boxes not unlike this one at someone's doorstep - sometimes even inside some of the communities. Considering what day it is, though, that's not too strange, is it?

As for just who is getting presents from the girl, well... the list's quite a bit longer than last year.

House 48: Tsubaki, Thirteen, Litchi and TaokakaCollapse )

CB7, Room 18: Ragna, NoelCollapse )

CB7, Room 21: TedCollapse )

CB6, Room 35: YuberCollapse )

Either way, with everything done, the silver-haired Murakumo can be found in her room - or reached over the journals, if need be.]

[ooc: Backdated to night of the 24th/early morning of the 25th. :|b]
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